28 February 2014

OOTD - Lunch Date

Jacket - Topshop
Jumper - Primark 
Jeans - Marks & Spencer
Boots - Office
Scarf - Oliver Bonas
Rings - Pandora
Necklace - Tiffany
Nail Paint - Barry M's Silk in Meadow
Lipstick - MAC Amplified Creme in Cosmo

On Tuesday I met one of my besties for some lunch and a well needed catch up. Admittedly we had only seen each other a couple of weeks ago but girls being girls, we could natter for hours! 

I recently popped into M&S with my mum as she wanted a couple of things. The only thing I tend to buy from there is underwear as I've always considered it an oldies shop. However I have to admit I was rather impressed with their range of 'younger' clothes. I picked up a coat, a jumper, a top and 2 pairs of jeans! I might well do a M&S Haul post as I was so impressed! Anyway these are a pair of the jeans I picked up. I'm not usually one for patterned jeans but I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them! I say they're jeans but they are more like jeggings as they are super soft and have an elasticated waistband (perfect for overindulging at lunchtime!). And they were a bargain for £22.50!

I paired them with my black fluffy jumper from Primark and my black boots from Office. Although you can't really tell from the pictures (apart from my squinty eyes) it was actually pretty sunny on Tuesday so I ditched my furry winter coat for my lightweight jacket. I kept my jewellery simple by wearing what I always wear, although if you wanted to jazz this outfit up a bit, you could always wear a statement necklace.

What do you think of this outfit? Would you like to see more outfit posts on Hanclarky?


27 February 2014

Superdrug Haul

This was a very exciting trip into Superdrug for me because I was on the hunt for the new Barry M Silk Nail Paints. I've been on a nail varnish spending ban for the last couple of months so this was such an exciting purchase for me! The Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner, Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer were all repurchases as these are products I love and am running out of. The Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara is a product I've been on the hunt for over the last few weeks after hearing some really good things about it! However every time I've been into Boots or Superdrug, they've only had testers! This is the new one out which is in the shade blackest black - review coming soon!

Barry M had an offer on for buy one get one half price when I went in so I bought these three nail paints and the mascara with the deal. All the shades of the Silk paints are lovely spring shades. I chose to buy Meadow, Blossom & Truffle. The paints also come in Pearl, Mist & Heather, which are a pearly white, a light sky blue and a pastel purple. I love that they all have such cute names! I was very tempted with the purple shade but decided that I probably wouldn't get much wear out of the other two shades. It was between the pink and the purple at the end but I decided pink was more wearable. 

I absolutely love the finish of these paints, which are said to be a 'matte sheen' finish. Although they look quite bright in the pictures, once applied they're slightly more pastel.  I absolutely love these paints and yet again Barry M have pulled something completely different out the bag! I'm excited to see what will be next!

Have you tried the new Barry M paints? Or any of the other products I bought? 


25 February 2014

Quote of the Day #5

I feel like I haven't written a QOTD post in a long time but I don't just want to post any old quote, I think quotes are personal and you have to be able to relate to them. I recently blogged about my battle with my anxiety and you can read more about it in my Time To Talk post. Around the same time I was having a mooch on Pinterest and came across this quote which my mum had pinned and stole it as I really like it. 

I don't like change. It's just something I prefer not to face and find life so much easier knowing what's going to happen. I like to have plans in place even though this is not always possible. But equally I want to change, I don't want to suffer with my anxiety to this level all my life. I know it's not something that will disappear overnight, or ever - it's always going to be a part of my life. 

It was only when I really thought about this quote that it gave me that extra little bit of motivation we sometimes need. There is no way I want to have exactly the same life in 10 years! Although I'm taking steps in the right direction, there's still a lot that can be improved and this has given me an extra little kick up the bum to make sure I stay on top of things. 

In 10 years I would love to have my own home, get married, have a baby, have a job that I am happy with and be in good health. Obviously there are lots of other things I would like but these are the main ones. I think it's crazy to think that this could all be possible and also that looking back 10 years I had only been at secondary school for 6 months! A lot can happen in 10 years and there is no reason to be afraid of change as change happens a lot of the time without us even realising. 

Here's to the next 10 years of changes, whether good or bad, things will work out for the best!

What do you think of this quote? Can any of you relate to it? Where would you like to be in 10 years time?


24 February 2014

MAC Lipstick Additions

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and aren't too glum that it's Monday again! I haven't blogged this weekend as my mum and I went to visit my granny for a couple of days. It was a lovely break and we even had sunny weather the majority of the time! Anyway enough of me rabbiting on about my weekend, let's get stuck into todays post!

I was one very lucky girlfriend on Valentines Day as I received 3 MAC lipsticks! The boyf had asked what I wanted as he didn't want to buy me something I didn't want/need so I decided a MAC lipstick would be a nice treat. I gave him a list of about 8-10 shades that I want and said he could choose one as I wanted him to have some input into the present! I unfortunately had to go out during the day so left him at my house (we don't live together) for a few hours. I came home and he handed me a MAC bag with 3 lipsticks! I was shocked as I was only expecting 1! Apparently he had gone to the MAC counter and asked the lady to line them up and he picked the 3 shades he liked the most … typical bloke! Here's what he chose...

Amplified Creme - Cosmo - pink coco
Frost - Bombshell - bright rosy pink with shimmer
Cremesheen - Brave Red - bright yellow red

I was actually really impressed with his choices as he went for 3 different finishes and 3 completely different shades. I'm not sure he realises they have different finishes but either way I'm still impressed! I love Brave Red as I've wanted a nice bold red shade for a while and I think Bombshell is really pretty. When I first opened Cosmo I wasn't so sure of the colour even though I had added it to my list, but once I had tried it, I actually really liked it and it's probably my favourite of the 3 now!

Cosmo is the first Amplified Creme lipstick I have tried and I love it. I had heard great things about this finish and I can safely say I definitely agree with other bloggers that the consistency is so creamy and that you only need one coat for an opaque finish. I love Frost lipsticks and so I had high hopes for Bombshell. I love the shade however it does cling to dry lips, which you can tell slightly in the photo, whereas other Frost lipsticks I own in other shades don't. Finally I love the red! This is exactly the shade of red I was after and I'm definitely going to get good use out of it!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which is your favourite finish and shade? Or what ones are on your wish list? 


21 February 2014

My Perfume Collection

I've taken so many blog pictures in bulk recently that I've been losing track of what I've taken! I found these pictures in amongst my stash and thought it was time they made an appearance. I love seeing what beauty products people use and clothes they wear so I thought I would share my perfume collection with you. So read on and have a nosy...

These are all perfumes I've bought over the years or been given as presents. As I'm no master at describing the scent of perfume I've enlisted the help of a couple of websites. All information is from Boots unless stated otherwise. Also don't ask me what half of these scents are as I have no clue what they smell like individually!

Flash - Jimmy Choo

I received this from the boyf for Christmas in a gift set with some body lotion. I love the bottle and it came in a glitzy silver box which was lovely. 
Scent: Sparkles of pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry with a flash of white flowers and tuberose. 

Modern Muse - Estée Lauder

I received Modern Muse for Christmas from my parents. I fell in love with the bottle when it first came out and the scent is amazing. 
Scent: An alluring contrast of sparking florals and sleek sensual woods  including exotic mandarin, honeysuckle nectar, dewy petals, jasmine sambac, amber wood, fresh lily, patchouli couer, patchouli crust and china absolute. 

Loverdose - Diesel

I bought this in duty free on the way home from Fuerteventura last year. I had just enough money left so thought I would treat myself! It took me ages to decide what to buy but I ended up choosing this one and I'm so pleased I did. I love the quirky bottle although it's a right pain to stand up! 
Scent: Mandarin, star anise, liquorice, rich vanilla and dry woods.

Dot - Marc Jacobs

I also bought this in duty free. I bought it on the way to New York as it was so much cheaper. Again I love the bottle and you can always count on Marc Jacobs for a funky design. 
Scent: A floral scent signed by jasmine with a vanilla base and a trail of musk (whatever that means!). 
In short - red berries, jasmine and driftwood. 

Lady Million - Paco Rabanne

The boyf bought me this perfume for my birthday a couple of years ago. It was my favourite perfume for ages and I still keep it for special occasions! 
Scent: Neroli, lily of the valley, gardenia, hyacinth, patchouli, honey, jasmine sambac, orange flower and raspberry. 

Diamonds - Emporio Armani

I received this around the same time as my lady million perfume but from my parents for either a birthday or Christmas. It was definitely a firm everyday favourite for quite a while. 
Scent: Raspberry, litchi, rose, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, vanilla and amber.

New York - Next

I'm not usually a massive fan of a shops own perfume because they always smell really strong and have that horrible alcohol scent (anyone with me on this?). But my parents bought me this perfume before I went to New York as the majority of my presents that year were themed to New York so it seemed appropriate! And I definitely take back not liking shops own perfume because this is actually a really lovely scent. 
Scent: A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. 
Scent information from Next.

S2 - Shilpa Shetty

Again this is not something I would usually go for but my parents elderly friends always buy me a token Christmas present and this is what they got me this year. I'm actually really surprised at how nice this smells and although it's quite strong it's only an EDT so settles down quite quickly. 
Scent: A semi amber floral scent with notes of mandarin, bergamot, cyclamen, peach, melon, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla and musk. 
Scent information from Perfume Point.

English Velvet - Jack Wills

This is one of my oldest perfumes which I've had for about 5 years and haven't worn in a good couple of years. I received it from my sister for a birthday when I was REALLY into Jack Wills. I was so into it, I always had something from Jack Wills on! When I looked it up, I've found that they've redesigned the bottle and it's much nicer now(see scent information to see new design). You can tell this was a big favourite!
Scent: Sparkling potion of Mediterranean fig and pink grapefruit with pink rose petals, neroli, freesia, amber, sandalwood and musk. 
Scent information from Jack Wills

Having looked up what is in each perfume, there are certainly some scents that appear in quite a few of these perfumes. It's so interesting to find out what goes in as I would never have thought there was liquorice in Loverdose and if I did before I bought it I'm sure I'd have been put off! 


I've also got some mini bottles of perfume and some samples from my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. I haven't listed the scents of these but I'm sure you could find them on the Boots website. So there you have my perfume collection, I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy!

Do you own any of these perfumes? Or have you tried any of them? What are your favourites? If you've written a perfume collection post then leave me your link in the comments!


19 February 2014

February Birchbox

Welcome to my February Birchbox post! I don't think my excitement of receiving these each month is ever going to wear off! I always know roughly when it's going to arrive but it's still always such a nice surprise! This months box is all about London Fashion Week and loving your style. All the products aim to fit into your personal routine. 

I was so pleased that this months box had included the products in the drawstring bag. I think quite a few people were disappointed last month when there was no bag and the products were just in a piece of tissue paper. I know I certainly was.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I've heard a lot of good things about Eyeko but have never tried any of their products. I'm excited to try this as I love trying different eyeliners. This one claims to help you create a feline flick and ensure a tidy line. A full size eyeliner will cost you £12. 

Leighton Denny Nail Colour

I've never heard of this range and feel very guilty considering I'm such a nail varnish addict! I received the shade Coconutty, which is a light milk chocolate shade with gold shimmer. These polishes are high performance and retail at £11. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

I absolutely love the Protect & Detangle spray in this range that I received in my December Birchbox so I'm hoping for great things from this oil! It's an exclusive launch aiming to battle UV rays, heat and breakage. What I really like is that it is suitable for all hair types. A full size version will cost you £16. 

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate

This was a nice little extra in the box. I love Green & Black's chocolate and although I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate, I'm certainly not complaining! 

Gilchrist & Soames The London Collection Shower Gel

Again this is another brand that I've never heard of before but it smells amazing so I'm already in love with it! This shower gel is a paraben-free formula with red tea, grape seed and milk thistle which aims to refresh and hydrate skin. I'm so excited to try this as I think the scent is going to smell 100 times better once lathered up! 
A full size shower gel costs £13.75.

Urbanveda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish

I have a feeling I've heard of Urbanveda before but I have no idea why as I didn't know what they sold! This face polish is a gentle exfoliator packed with superfruits for a radiant and youthful complexion, which again smells lovely! I'm looking forward to trying this as I'm not a fan of harsh scrubs so hopefully this one will be a winner. If it is I would definitely consider buying the full size as it's a reasonable price at £8.99. 

I'm really impressed with the box this month as I know I will definitely use everything included. I think this is probably the best box I received so far and that's saying something as I've loved them all. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your box? Or have you tried any of these products?


18 February 2014

High End vs High Street

Welcome to topic 4 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. The topic this time is high end vs high street. There were so many post ideas for this topic ranging from a dupe post to a wish list or a straightforward comparison. I couldn't decide what to post about but after having a brain wave at about 1am, I decided to share with you my favourite eye, face and lip products for both high end and high street. 

High End

Although the Naked 3 palette is a relatively new addition to my makeup collection, I have been loving it and use it pretty much every day. The shades are all lovely and there are so many looks you can create. My all time favourite foundation is MAC's Mineralize Moisture. I tend to mix up my foundation and use a variety of brands, however this is always the foundation that I will come back to. Finally, you guessed it, my favourite high end lip product has to be MAC's lipsticks. I don't have a favourite shade, as they're all so beautiful!

High Street

My all time favourite high street brand for eyeshadow has to be Sleek. I love their palettes and think they have such a great range to choose from. My favourite is definitely the Storm palette as it has a really good mix of neutral colours with a few brighter ones. I'm not a huge fan of high street foundation as I can never find a shade light enough for my skin tone. But I've been really impressed with Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid foundation as they have a really great range of shades to suit all skin. Finally, my favourite high street lip product is no doubt Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipsticks. Again I have no favourite shade as there is such a good colour range and they're all lovely. 

So those are some of my favourite high end and high street products. I could continue to list more favourites but I think we might be here all day! 

What do you think of my favourite products? Do you own any of them? 


16 February 2014

Nanshy Luxury Brush Set

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! I recently decided I wanted to try some different makeup brushes. I absolutely love the Real Techniques brushes (and others) but I decided to see what the Nanshy brushes are like. I had heard that they were good but many people still preferred the RT brushes. I found this 13 piece set on Ebay for £29.95 and thought that was such a good deal, I couldn't resist. I'm also a fan that they're synthetic and cruelty free.

The set includes (in no particular order):
Liner Brush
Small Shadow Brush
Crease Brush
Shadow Brush
Fluffy Shadow Blending Brush
Concealer Brush
Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie
Angled Brow Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Foundation Brush
Powder Brush
Powder/Foundation Brush

All of these brushes are amazingly soft and the shaped handle means the brushes are so easy to use. So far, I've used all four of the face brushes and a couple of the eyeshadow brushes. My favourite of the face brushes are the angled blush brush and the foundation brush. I've used the angled blush brush to apply both blusher and bronzer. It's the perfect shape for applying blusher and if you squeeze the brush to flatten it slightly then it's the perfect shape for contouring. I love the foundation brush as it gives a really good converge and a flawless finish. I haven't been so keen on the eyeshadow brushes but I've only used them a couple of times. I think they definitely work better with powder products. I've used them with powder but over a cream base and I found it really hard to blend with these. But I'm going to keep at it and use more of them. 

The brushes come in this case and although I'm not a huge fan of the case, it's ideal for transporting your brushes. It folds up to a slimline shape without damaging any of the brushes and is incredibly light. I would definitely recommend a set like this for taking on holiday as you have a good range of brushes and it's so easy to pack. You could even carry this in your handbag if you needed to!

I'm definitely going to keep using these brushes and experimenting with the eyeshadow ones more so keep your eyes peeled for a potential review when I've used them more!

Have you tried Nanshy brushes? What do you think of them? Or do you want to try them?


15 February 2014

OOTD - Dior Interview

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know that I had an interview with Dior on Thursday. You may also know that I GOT THE JOB!!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to start. I really liked what I wore and those of you who follow me on Instagram will have had a sneak peek at this outfit but I thought I would do a whole post on it. On the day of the interview I wore my hair down rather than with my fringe clipped back and had different makeup on. These pictures were taken the day before as I knew I wouldn't have time to take pictures before the interview. 

Jacket - Primark
Shirt - New Look
Trousers - New Look
Boots - Office
Necklace - New Look

Although I wanted to look smart, I didn't want to wear all black and decided to wear my burgundy shirt with my floral jacket. 

My makeup here was from when I had my photoshoot done. If you want to know what products I've used, leave me a comment! On the day of my interview I went for a nude eye using my Benefit palette, which can be seen in My Christmas Look post. I actually also wore a very similar look to this one too! Then I used my Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer which can be seen here.

I'm not sure why my hair has come out so red in these photos, I'm sure it doesn't look that bright in real life! 
I love this jacket I picked up from Primark. It featured in my most recent Primark Haul. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the shape is so flattering. It's also one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down so easily!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you own any of these items? Would you like to see more outfit posts on Hanclarky?