6 January 2014

Review: Moisturising Gel Socks

I've decided that everybody should own a pair of these moisturising gel socks! I was given these for Christmas in my stocking and have worn them a couple of times since. They are literally the best thing ever! After only using them a couple of times, my feet are amazingly soft! 

The outside is a really soft flannel/towel material and these little white rubbery footprints on the bottom are so cute! They were a bit wacky when you first put them on. I found them quite cold and the texture of the gel is quite strange until you get used to it! I also wasn't too keen on walking anywhere in these socks as I felt like I was going to slip over even though I knew I wouldn't! 

The packaging states you should leave them on for 20 minutes for best results and can even be used daily. I've decided not to use them daily as I don't want my feet becoming too soft as then I find my shoes tend to rub more. I wasn't sure how much these cost but when I searched my trusty friend Google for a rough price, it seems you can get them on Ebay and Amazon for anything from £1-£5! A bargain if you ask me! These are reusable but I'm not sure on how long they will last, although I know I'll definitely repurchase them!

Have you tried gel socks before? If so what did you think of them? Or do you fancy trying them? 



  1. How were your feet after using them? I've read reviews that your dead skin peels off?! I'm tempted to try a pair.
    Laura x
    My Life in a Blog

    1. They were so soft! I don't really have a problem with dead skin but the little bits I did have ddi come off much easier after using these! Yes I would definitely recommend trying them, especially as they're so cheap! X

  2. I LOVE these! They make your feet feel so soft.

    1. They are amazing, definitely a new favourite of mine! X

  3. These sound amazing! They look so cosy too! :) x


    1. They are so cosy! Would definitely recommend them! X


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