30 January 2014

Flame Reed Diffusers

Having taken an unexpected break from blogging for a couple of days I am back! I went to Portsmouth to visit the boyf and although I took my laptop with me to blog, I just didn't get round to it (and completely forgot about it … oops!). But I've got quite a few posts lined up for the next week. I always find I have a brainwave at the end of the month and end up with so many posts to schedule!

Anyway, on with today's post. I love burning candles as do many other bloggers but I also have a slight fear that I'm going to burn the house down. I have to clear everything away from the candle and make sure nothing is going to catch on fire. You can tell I'm a right worrier! 

To combat my fear of burning the house down I decided it was time to invest in a reed diffuser. This way my room can still smell as lovely as when I burn a candle but without the added danger! Where I used to work (sounds so strange considering I only left last week!) sell Flame Homeware's candles and reed diffusers. The diffusers usually cost £12 but were in the sale for £6! 

I picked up the scent Peony Rose, which is a sweet floral scent as I wanted something that wasn't too heavy and wintery. There are several other scents in this line both in the reed diffusers and the candles. It took a couple of days for the scent to fill my room but I really like it as it's not too overpowering. I get a waft of it as I walk in the room or pass it but it's not one of these scents that clings to everything. 

Do you use reed diffusers? Which ones would you recommend? Or are you a worrier like me and have switched to these from candles?



  1. Reed diffusers are such a great idea. I don't burn candles in my house as it makes me so paranoid that I'm going to send the house up in flames haha. I sometimes use the electric air fresheners but they can be so overwhelming at times. Might have to try a reed diffuser in the future.


    1. Ah I'm so pleased I'm not the only one! Yeah I like them but the majority are too overpowering for me and I end up with a headache from them! Would definitely recommend these reed diffusers though! X

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