31 January 2014

Cake Club #4

It's that tasty time again where I bring you all the antics of the most recent cake club get together. If you aren't aware of what cake club is then you can read my original post here
You can also check out Cake Club #2 and Cake Club #3

The theme this time was pastry. I wasn't overly thrilled with this theme as making pastry is such a drag and so hard too! I'd much rather get a pack of ready to roll pastry than faff over making it from scratch. But that would be cheating so I gave it my best shot (and not a very good one at that!).

I decided to make gluten free profiteroles with a strawberries and cream filling and drizzle with chocolate. Sounds nice right? Well it would have been if my profiteroles had risen, but instead the pastry stayed as flat as a pancake! 

Disaster! With a bit of quick thinking I decided to put some cream in the middle of 2 and then drizzle chocolate over them as I couldn't turn up empty-handed! Second problem then arose - my mum had forgotten to buy the strawberries! I decided just putting cream in was too boring so we coloured the cream orange and flavoured it orange too. 

Meet my chocolate orange squidgeroles…

Considering the disaster I had, I don't think they turned out too bad and everyone ate them so they can't have been that terrible!

And here's a look at some of the other cakes…

My mums - Gluten Free Chocolate & Pistachio Tart

Gluten Free Bakewell Tart

Lemon Tart

Mini Sweet Potato & Walnut Tarts

There were a couple of other dishes that I didn't manage to take pictures of but hopefully these few have got your tastebuds tingling! All of them were really tasty but I can safely say many of us are pleased the pastry theme is over! I think everybody had a disaster somewhere along the line with their recipe!

The next theme is a fruit tray bake. Before I started blogging I made an apple and raspberry crumble cake tray bake (wow what a mouthful!) so I might do something similar but with different fruit to mix it up a bit! 

What did you think of my squidgeroles? Have you got any ideas for what I can make next time?



  1. I think they look delicious! You covered up that you had a problem really well, I don't think I would've even realized :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

    1. Aw thank you! I was determined not to waste them as they tasted fine! X

  2. Once you get the hang of baking pastry it's really easy - just make sure to have cold hands, use cold water and leave your pastry in the fridge for as long as you can before using it - I leave mine in for 24 hours and then bring it out and let it back to room temp. Buying it premade is so expensive when you consider how easy it is to make yourself.

    1. Ooh thanks for the tips, maybe I'll have to give it another go sometime! I know I really don't like the idea of buying it readymade but for the amount of times I bake with pastry it's not too bad! X

  3. Looks really yummy!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  4. That chocolate tart looks niceee. XXx


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