2 January 2014

2013 In Review

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had an excellent 2013 and I hope you all enjoy 2014!
I can't say my 2013 was the best year I've had for various reasons but it certainly wasn't awful! I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite moments of 2013...

★ I went to Fuerteventura with the boyf in April  
★ I handed my Dissertation in … good riddance to it too! 
★ I learnt how to crochet 
Hanclarky was born 
★ I saw Robbie Williams & Olly Murs at Wembley 
★ We celebrated my dad's 65th birthday - note the amazing cake! 
★ I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour 
★ My nephew was christened and I became his godmother 
★ The boyf and I at my grad ball 
★ I graduated with a 2:1 in Geography! 
★ I went to see Cabaret starring Will Young 
★ My other nephew started school (very proud auntie moment!) 
★ I saw Passenger at Shepherds Bush Empire (and went on a train on my own for the first time in months … cue major anxiety and panic attack but I survived!) 
★ I went to see The Lion King 
★ I had my first beauty advent calendar 

So there you have a mini sum up of some of my favourite moments of 2013. 

What were your favourite moments of 2013? If you've posted a sum up of your year then leave me your link in the comments and I'll pop over for a nosey. 



  1. wasn't the lion king amazing?! It's one of my favourites!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. It was so good! I saw it when I was younger but truly appreciated how amazing it was this time! X

  2. Happy New Year.....and here's to a wonderful 2014!! ;) x


    1. Happy New Year to you too! Yes definitely :) x


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