5 December 2013

Blogmas Day 5 - MAC Haul

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5!

Last week we had a staff discount day at work so we received 10% extra off our normal discount. So I got 10% off with my normal discount and then an extra 10% on top of that! I bought a couple of Christmas presents and then decided to treat myself to a few MAC products that have been on my wish list for quite a while!

Eye Brows in Lingering
I have used this product to fill in my eyebrows for over a year now. I absolutely love it and even after trying other brow products I always come back to this one. It is like a pencil but much softer and the colour is a perfect match for me. So this isn't a part of my wish list it was a repurchase for when my current one runs out. 

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
I'm a massive fan of MAC's foundation and have been for about the past 4 years! I currently use the Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation in NW20. However I had never used any of their powders and have been wanting to try this one for a while now. I wasn't sure what shade to go for as I'm quite pale but didn't want to look too washed out. The lovely lady who served me assured me that Medium wouldn't be too dark and she was right! 

Eye Shadow in Jest & Cranberry
Along with just about every other beauty blogger, MAC's Cranberry is one of my must haves this Autumn/Winter. I absolutely love the shade and had been waiting to buy this on my discount day! For those of you who don't own Cranberry, it is a lovely red/plum shade with a pinky shimmer. I also decided I wanted to buy another neutral shade that I could wear with Cranberry. I had several ideas of shades I would look at but when I was there, I went for something completely different. I decided to go for Jest, which is a soft peach with icy shimmer. 

I think these two shades will work really well together. I have two similar shades in one of my Sleek palettes which look lovely together. Once I've had a play around with them, I'll maybe do a post on a FOTD featuring these!

Viva Glam Lipstick in IV
Although there are many rave reviews on MAC Lipsticks floating around the blogosphere, before purchasing this lipstick I had never owned a MAC lipstick before! I don't know how I have survived without them, I guess I just loved the Rimmel ones too much! I wasn't sure which lipstick I wanted and in what shade so I asked the lovely lady helping me to pick a couple out to try. I wanted something wintery and on trend with all the berry/plum toned lipsticks but nothing too deep and bold as I'm quite pale and don't think these suit me. I also want to be able to wear it all year round if possible. She picked out the Viva Glam lipstick in IV and I absolutely love it. It is a mid-tone rose with gold pearl and although it isn't really bold, it's perfect for my skin tone! And I love that all the money from this range goes to charity too.

The colour is slightly lighter in these photos but you get the idea! It's also really good for layering up if you want a slightly deeper tone. 

So there you have it, my MAC haul. In total I saved about £15 with my discount so I definitely can't complain! Just a shame that they don't do these discount days more often!

What do you think of the products I bought? Do you own any of these? Or do you have any recommendations for what I should buy next?



  1. cranberry is such a beautiful shade!! :) xx

  2. I am yet to own a Mac product (I know!) and want to make my first purchase something special. I love the look of the brow product, and would love to see pics of your brown when you use it if poss, as you are a similar colouring to me. Great blog post, thank you x

    1. You definitely need to give MAC products a go, they're amazing! You can go for a makeover at one of their counters for £25 (maybe a bit more as this was a couple of years ago!) and then you can claim that back in products! That's how I got into using their stuff! If you head to my How Much Is Your Face Worth? post then you can see it in action - just excuse the fact that they're not equal! X

  3. Gorgeous haul, I really want cranberry, just like everyone else!


    1. You should definitely ask for it for Christmas or go and buy it! X

  4. Gorgeous shades - nice little haul! Xx


  5. Wow, I want to go shopping now. I'm feeling inspired. I got my first MAC product the other day but I have to wait until christmas till I can have it, but its still really exciting. Good post xx

    1. Ooh what are you getting? I love their stuff, slowly building a little collection! X

  6. Sarah (@whirlsandcurls)9 December 2013 at 14:37

    I own Viva Glam V and I'm afraid I've never really worn it much because it's a nude and I feel like it washes me out. :( I love the IV on you though! It has that same tone as "yours but better" but also packs a punch of red ;D

    1. For some reason, when I posted this, it wouldn't let me comment as myself, I had to be a guest!

    2. Aw that is such a shame as they are lovely lipsticks! Aw thanks lovely, I love the colour! How strange! X


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