20 December 2013

Blogmas Day 20 - Secret Santa Goodies

Ahhh 5 more sleeps until Christmas! As this is my first Christmas that I have been blogging I thought I would get involved in some online festivities. I joined up to take part in Hannah Bee's secret santa and then shortly after was asked by Jess @ Dungarees & Donuts to take part in hers as somebody had dropped out. 

For Hannah's secret santa I was put in the category for £20.00 and this secret santa had a rule that you weren't allowed to buy anything beauty related. I received these lovely goodies from Sophia @ Tattooed Tealady and they arrived the day before my birthday so my mum kept them for me to open on my birthday! It was like birthday and Christmas rolled into one!

Sophia's goodies were so cute as a couple of them had little notes attached to them explaining why she had picked these things! I think she's put so much thought into choosing these things as I absolutely love them all! The Christmas bunting is handmade by Sohpia and it is amazing, so perfectly made! The book is by her favourite author which I thought was a lovely touch and I can't wait to read it! Finally, the blue bauble took a while to figure out how to open but inside were these cute tea related candles with a little note saying you can use the teapots the same as the other candle. So sorry Sophia if they're not candles as I've assumed!

My second secret santa price limit group was £10.00. My secret santa kept herself secret as although she signed the card with her name, she blogs anonymously so this was no clue! However she wrote her address on the packaging and as we were paired I then knew it was from Life With Munchers! I apologise to Mummy Muncher if you are reading this and haven't yet opened your pressie from me! 

Again Mummy Muncher has obviously done her homework and knows that I am a mahoosive fan of nail varnish! However I surprisingly don't own any Essie polishes, even though I have just about every colour on my wish list! She bought me these two lovely grey shades - Chinchilly and Smokin' Hot. I love both of them and think they are definitely going to become two favourites of mine!

A big thank you to both my secret santas for the lovely goodies you picked out for me! I'm definitely going to get involved with this again next year!

Have you taken part in a blogger secret santa? What did you receive? Or have you taken part in a secret santa with friends/family? 



  1. I did my first swap this year :-) It's a 'green beauty' swap so all products will be gree, natural, organic, etc so I couldn't resist joining in! I'll have my swap post up on Saturday and you can see what I've got if you like :-)
    Rach xx

    1. Aw that sounds good, love natural products! Ah I will keep an eye out for it and definitely check it out :) x

  2. I would love to get involved in a blogger secret santa next year - looks like great fun and a good way to meet new bloggers! x


    1. You definitely should, I've had so much fun doing it! X

  3. It's my first Christmas blogging too, I wish I had done a blogger secret santa it looks like so much fun! You got some lovely gifts


    1. Ah! Happy 1st blogging Christmas! It was really good fun, you'll have to join in on one next year! X

  4. Hi

    I am a blogger myself and blog at www.glamdiaries.com . I was wondering if you would like to swap blog buttons for the month of January? I am doing this with a few other blogs who are in the same range as me so we can all grow our audience together. Hopefully it will be an amazing way to start the new year.

    If you want to participate email me at shivani@glamdiaries.com or just comment on my blog :)

    ~ Shivani

  5. Aw yeah I would definitely be up for that! I'll drop you an email :) x


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