2 December 2013

Blogmas Day 2 - November at Hanclarky

Where did November go? I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming around! November started off well for Hanclarky, however I did have a few days out when someone stole my motivation! But I'm back on track now and definitely on the ball with this Blogmas malarkey!

What did you think of November at Hanclarky? Which was your favouite post?



  1. I love your Barry M post, there is something really satisfying about all those little square bottles lined up! xx

    1. Aw thank yo! I know I am such a perfectionist so they had to be lined up perfectly! I can't even tell you how many pics I took to make sure they were ok! X

  2. Replies
    1. I'm pleased to know people like them, I'm always unsure as to whether people like them or not! X


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