11 December 2013

Blogmas Day 11 - Decopatch Decorations

Welcome to Blogmas Day 11! Only 14 more sleeps until Christmas! Who's excited? 

Today I thought I would show you one of my favourite ways to make Christmas decorations and other fun items throughout the year! It's called decopatch (not to be confused with decoupage!). Decopatch is a paper craft and if you want to find out more about it then visit The Decopatch Place - What Is Decopatch?  

I'll take you through it step by step and show you my latest decoration. 

To start with you need an object to decorate. This could be anything from an animal to a shape or even a letter, the choices are endless! I chose to decorate a star. 

You will also need a special glue and paintbrush for this. 

And finally some paper, again this is special paper! But don't worry, there are plenty of places that sell all of these items!

This is just a selection of all the papers my mum and I own. You can get papers in a variety of patterns and colours. In order to cover your object with the paper, you need to rip it into small pieces. You can either use all of the same paper or mix it up. I definitely think it's quite fun to mix it up, as long as you stick with a rough colour e.g. all pink paper. 

To apply the paper to the object, you need to cover you object in glue. Don't cover it all at once as it dries fairly quickly, just do small sections at a time. Then using the paintbrush pick up a piece of the paper and press it onto the object. Do not use fingers - you will get in a right old mess! Once the paper has stuck go over with glue as this secures it in place. Continue this until your object is covered! If you have any gaps then don't worry, you can always go over it again!

Et violà! As you can see on the right hand side I haven't quite finished it yet! 

The unfinished side - to give you an idea of how it looks partially completed!

I did intend to cover this in Christmassy themed paper but there wasn't enough to do the whole thing as it was a lot bigger than I remembered! But I figured that by doing it in pinks and blues, I can have it on display all year round! 

What do you think of my decopatch? Have you ever tried it? 



  1. I've never heard of this before, it looks so pretty. Will have to keep an eye out next time I am in the craft shop.

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com

    1. Yes definitely keep a look out, it's so fun! X

  2. Oh I need to do this sometime soon! I love anything to do with crafts. I kind of wish I had an object to decorate now... I'll have to have a little rummage around the house tomorrow, either that or head to a craft store.


    1. You should it's so fun! You can do it on most materials as the website link explains so I'm sure you can find something round the house! X

  3. Love this decoration idea! Super cute :)

    Maria x

  4. This is really cute! I congratulate you and anyone who has the will to actually keep up with these posts and do it - I am too lazy! xx

    1. Thanks :) I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up with blogging everyday but I'm actually really enjoying it! X


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