3 November 2013

October Favourites

I haven't been loving many new products in the last month but I thought I would share with you the few favourites I do have!

Sleek Palette in Storm
I bought this palette earlier in the year and have used it a few times but over the last month it has definitely been my go-to palette. My favourite shades to use are the end two on the top row but I've also been loving the first ones on each row. 

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Keep Mauving
I love chubby stick style lip crayons/balms, so thought I would try the Rimmel ones when they came out. I bought this balm at the beginning of October alongside the shade 'On Fire'. See my Superdrug Goodies post for more on these balms and swatches. I have worn both but Keep Mauving has definitely been used more as it is a great shade for Autumn. 

 Left & Middle - end two shades on top row from Storm Palette
Right - Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Keep Mauving

Garnier Moisture Match for Normal to Dry Skin
This moisturiser has been a favourite of mine since the day it hit the shelves in Superdrug. It's brilliant for winter too as it's perfect for combating dry skin. I used up my last lot and hadn't repurchased it for a while as I had some other moisturisers to try/use up. But I am so pleased I decided to repurchase it!

Barry M Matte Nail Paint 
I am a huge fan of Barry M Nail Paint. I own far too many and own pretty much the whole Gelly collection! I definitely have an addiction and can't go into Superdrug or Boots without picking up some form of nail varnish! So when the Matte collection was launched, I knew I had to invest. I originally bought Vanilla and Mocha but later returned to buy Crush. I love all three shades and these will definitely be a popular choice throughout A/W!

Clinique Superprimer - Colour Corrects Redness & Redness Solutions Foundation in Alabaster 01
I suffer from redness and after having a bad make up day at the end of September, decided to give these two products a try. I blogged about them in my Mini Clinique Haul and have been loving them since! The superprimer leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and on those days when you're having a good skin day, is perfect with just some concealer. The foundation is really nice too as it doesn't leave skin feeling dry but equally isn't too shiny/dewy. 

You can see the Sleek eyeshadow, Garnier moisturiser and Clinique products in use in my recent How Much Is Your Face Worth? post. 

Have you loved any of these products this month? Or what were your favourites? Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your favourites post. 



  1. I'm quite tempted by the Colour Rush balms. I'm loving lip crayons at the moment but I haven't heard much about the Rimmel ones. I'm sure I'll resist temptation though until I hear more about it haha.


    1. You should definitely try them! They are so creamy and are vanilla scented. I've found that they last quite a while too before having to touch up. They are on my list of products to review so maybe I'll post about them soon! X

  2. I love the sleek storm palette! I used mine to death til there were so many colours used up and the rest were cracked, I had to throw it away and I keep meaning to replace it!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I'm really worried about using up the 2 I've swatched! The lighter rose gold colour has a huge dip in the middle of it, which is why I'm trying to experiment a bit more with the other shades! X


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