29 November 2013

Cake Club #3

It's that time again where I make you all drool over your screens as I bring you the latest Cake Club antics. 
If you're not aware of my Cake Club antics then you can read my original post HERE.

The theme this time was Orange. I asked for your suggestions last time so thank you to anyone who gave me ideas! As we meet every other month, there is plenty of time to get recipes together but this time round it seemed to creep up on me from nowhere!

I settled for a gluten free chocolate orange muffins with orange flavoured (and coloured) buttercream icing. 
I decided to make it gluten free because I'm on a diet at the moment where I've had to cut out a whole range of foods to figure out what I may be intolerant to! 
Here's how my cakes turned out...

Before Icing

After Icing - No I didn't eat some, we just saved some for us!

And here are some of the other cakes that were made...

My mum's experimental cake - Gluten Free Orange & Almond Cake

Marmalade Cake

All the other cakes

This was the first theme where people have turned up with similar cakes. There were three that were all based on the same recipe with just a few minor differences! However they all tasted really good so no complaints there! 

The next theme is Pastry so I need to get thinking and practicing. I think I've only ever made pastry from scratch once in Food Technology at school! 

Have you got any ideas for what I can make? 



  1. Wow...ohh I love a good home made cake.


  2. These look yum, what a fun idea :)


  3. Mmmm...look scrummy! Did you manage to get the gluten free one nice and light?

    Love Vicky @

    1. They were scrummy! Yeah the chocolate orange muffins were really light and fluffy :) x


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