23 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection - Fashion

Where has the last week gone? This week has gone so quickly and has been slightly topsy turvy as we had a big event on at work so my shift pattern has been all over the place! But I'm going to make a big effort to try and get back on track over the next week before I commence Blogmas!

So today's post is my second in the #BritishBloggerSelection series and is all about our favourite clothes shop. Although I found it so hard to choose as I don't have one particular favourite so I'm going to share with you my go to shops for certain items of clothing!

1. Knitwear - Topshop
I absolutely love the knitwear that Topshop do and most years I will stock up on a couple of new jumpers. Although they are not the cheapest, the quality is so good and I still wear jumpers that I bought a couple of years ago! 

2. Jeans & Leggings - Topshop
I also love Topshop for their Jeans and Leggings. I always buy the Leigh jeans as these are super soft and a really good fit. I hate stiff jeans that go baggy around the knees and bum even when they are labelled super skinny! Topshop leggings are not the cheapest around but again they are good quality and don't go see through too quickly. I can't stand leggings that are so thin you can see through them in certain areas!

3. Vest tops - H&M
I have a teeny tiny obsession with H&M vest tops. I really like them because they do longer ones which are great for wearing with leggings as I hate the 'arse out' look. I own this vest top in just about every colour they have ever done and multiple of some colours! I have white, black, grey, burgundy, navy, purple, teal, pastel blue, hot pink, bright pink and brick/burnt orange. 

4. Tops & Shirts - New Look
I never fail to find a new top when I'm in new look. I love their chiffon shirts and they're a great price! I also love their peplums and other style tops too!

5. Shoes & Boots - Office
I know shoes don't really come under clothes but as I've said fashion I'm going to include them anyway! I love office for shoes and this autumn/winter they've had some lovely boots in store! I bought 2 pairs and there are plenty more I could be tempted with!

6. Skirts - H&M
I don't wear skirts very often but most that I own are from H&M. I love their skater skirts and they have a great collection of tube skirts too!

I have a love hate relationship with Primark but when I'm loving it, it would definitely be up there with this little list. Unless I'm buying tights, which ALWAYS come from Primark! 

So there you have it, my favourite clothes shops. What is your favourite shop? Or are you like me and like certain shops for certain items?



  1. I like Topshop for knitwear as well..nice little selection here ;)

    http://vodkaandarose.blogsot.co.uk Jess. x

    1. Mmm I love it, I always get so tempted when I'm in there! X

  2. I love how you separated the categories! Topshop are amazing for jeans! xxx


  3. I love Topshop knitwear, definitely the best place to shop for a good piece of knitwear. Love the shoes! xx

    1. Yeah it's always my go to shop for knitwear! They're lovely, I have really similar ones but love these ones too! X

  4. I love H&M for their blazers. It gets to a point that I get moist eyes when I have to part with them. For jeans, Next is my favourite. The size fits me to t. Nice post.


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