24 October 2013

What's In My Purse?

Having done a What's In My Bag? post last week, I thought I would follow up with a What's In My Purse? post. 
My purse was from Accessorize about 3 years ago! I love it so much and dread the day I have to replace it!

My very full purse! It's in need of a good sort out - which happened as soon as these pictures had been taken!

Everything that was hiding in my purse! Yes, I have way too many cards!

Top: All my restaurant loyalty cards and a couple of discount cards. Oh, and also my casino card from university - acquired on a very drunken night out! 
Bottom Left: All the necessities - stamps, buyagift discount card, nectar card, work ID, student discount (expired!), university student card which has definitely expired :(, driving licence, oyster card and library card.
Bottom Right: The most important cards! My Superdrug and Boots points cards and my bank cards. 

I have to say having done this post, my purse is now a lot lighter! I've taken out all the cards that I collected at university and any out of date cards. I'm pretty sure it's lighter on the money side too ... oops!

Have you done a What's In My Purse post? If so leave the link below and I'll definitely check it out - I want to see if everyone has as much junk as me!



  1. I love these kind of posts, I'm far too interested in what people keep on them!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Wow you have a lot of cards. I thought I had a lot but you have so much more haha. Love the purse :)


    1. I've got half that now, I think I was long overdue a sort out! X

  3. I love this kind of post it's really interesting to know what other people have in their bags/purses- i'm so nosy! xx

  4. Reading posts like this makes me realise how nosey I am! I love your purse!

  5. aww love your purse.. it's good it's lasted 3 years :) .. I haven't done a what's in my purse post yet, but I think I will sometime soon because I've just got a new designer purse as a gift .. eek!! xx


    1. Aw thanks :) I know I dread the day I have to get a new one! Ah yeah that's a good idea, if you do let me know and I'll come and have a nosy! X


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