13 October 2013

Primark Haul

I had an unexpected trip into Primark and this happened ... oops! I only went into town to go to the bank and renew my library card that I've not used in years!

As this happened, I thought I might as well share my purchases with you lovely lot while everything is still in store! I didn't actually realise that the majority was monochrome until I took the above photo! Looks like my black work uniform policy is creeping into my normal wardrobe!

The first of my purchases is this baggy jumper. It's a lovely black, grey and white speckled wool and is super soft. The neckline is finished off with a faux leather trim. I can definitely see this becoming my go-to slouchy jumper over winter! It was £12 which I think is pretty good especially as this is really good quality for Primark!

The next item I spotted is very similar in material to the above jumper, just slightly lighter in colour. Im not quite sure whether this is a cardigan or jacket but you could use it as either. It's slightly thicker but not lined. It does up by a small hook at the top and has two pockets. It is also finished off with a faux leather trim. This was also £12 and I think this is amazing as it's actually really good quality. I was expecting it to be about £20!

Moving on from the masses of tempting wooly jumpers, I bought this sparkly strappy swing vest top. I've seen these around for the last couple of months and have finally bought one! It's black with silver glittery thread throughout. It also came with a gold thread and in a couple of other colours (which I may have to go back for!). It was £7 which is costly for Primark but in comparison to say Topshop strappy swing vests it's actually a really good price!

This is a pretty boring purchase - a plain black vest top! I love H & M's vest tops as they are longer than others so great for wearing with leggings as I hate the bum out look! But with jeans I could do with a few shorter ones so thought I would try the Primark ones as they aren't too short! And for £2 who could resist!

As you can tell by this purchase, I got sucked into the Christmas themed section! I was tempted to buy a Christmas jumper but decided to hold out for one that I really like as none of the Primark ones really jumped out at me. However I saw this top and love it! I bought it just to laze around in as it's oversized. Although I may wear it out closer to Christmas. It was £6. 

Finally, I spotted these whilst in the queue to pay! I saw someone earlier in the week wearing some boots similar to this and really liked them. These are ideal for work especially on those days where it's not raining but it's too cold for anything less than boots! It also means I can mix up my shoes a bit more as I tend to wear the same couple of pairs all the time! These were £8, which I thought was a really good price!

So there we go, my Primark purchases for you! I'm sure a couple of these may make it into some outfit posts soon!

Do you own any of these items? Or have you got to rush down to Primark to get your hands on one of these items? Which is your favourite?



  1. I love the cardigan! it looks so cosy! & I own the boots they are so comfy to wear!


    1. It really is! I can't wait to wear it! Ah that is really good to know! Just had a quick peek at your blog, definitely going to have to have a read of it! X

  2. I love the look of that cardigan/jacket. It seems like Primark are trying to replicate the boucle jackets that are very popular with the likes of Made in Chelsea. £12 is a super good price.


    1. Yeah I think they are! Its an amazing price, especially as you wouldn't be able to tell it was from Primark! Loving your blog too :) X

  3. I love the jumper. I absolutely love baggy jumpers in this horrible weather!


    1. Mmm me too! And there is so much you can wear them with! X

  4. I love this haul :) Some great items! :D x

  5. The Christmas top is so cute, I might have to get one. The boots are a bargain too.xx

  6. The Christmas tshirt is so cute! x


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