28 October 2013

Halloween Week - Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I haven't carved a pumpkin in quite a few years, so this year I decided I was going to change that! I have been slowly collecting ideas on Pinterest for the last month or so and thought I would share both those and my finished pumpkin. So here goes... 

Ideas from Pinterest

Stencils from Pinterest

I have loved searching Pinterest for ideas so if you want to see more, check out my Pinterest here. I have to say a lot of the ideas are quite complicated and I wouldn't be able to do them, but I love the idea of them!

Meet Percy the Pumpkin!

This was the really fun part! I originally tried to follow the ghost template above, however I soon realised my pumpkin was a bit too small! I didn't want to create a really simple face so I came up with my own idea by looking at a lot of other ideas! I am actually really pleased with the way he turned out!

I hope this has inspired you to be creative with your pumpkin carving! 

What do you think of my pumpkin? Have you carved a pumpkin this year? If so leave me a link in the comments below or tweet me a picture!


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