31 October 2013

Halloween Week - Nibbles & Decorations

Happy Halloween and welcome to my final post of Halloween week! Once again I've trawled Pinterest for some fun ideas on Halloween nibbles and easy to make decorations. For more ideas than those shown below, visit my Pinterest here

First up lets drool over some spook-tacular nibbles. 

I love the look of all these nibbles and think they would be great to top off a Halloween party. And no need to worry if you are not feeling artistic, those green eyeball cookies look so simple to make! 

Nibbles - check. Decoration time ...

If you head over to my Pinterest then you can find tutorials for each of these ideas by clicking through to the original link, but I'll explain them all briefly here too!

Top Row: 
1. Glass Jar Lights - decorate a glass jar with tissue paper and pop a light/candle inside. 
2. Garden Ghosts - see picture for explanation.
3. Balloon Ghosts - put a glow stick in a white balloon, blow up and draw a face on.

Middle Row: 
1. Ghost/Pumpkin Balloons - blow up orange and white balloons and decorate as pumpkins or ghosts.
2. Pumpkin Bowling! - decorate 10 toilet rolls with spooky faces and bowl a pumpkin.
3. Wine Bottle Characters - decorate wine bottles with paint to make spooky characters.

Bottom Row:
1. Glowing Eyes - Cut eyes in toilet rolls and put a glow stick inside.
2. Hanging Ghosts - draw eyes on styrofoam balls and cover with white cloth then hang.
3. Bin Liner Spider Webs - fold bin liners up and make in the same way you would make christmas snowflakes. 

So there you have it, my ideas for the perfect Halloween nibbles and decorations.

What do you think of these nibbles and decorations? Have you made anything for Halloween, whether food or craft related? If so, send me a link to your blog or tweet me a picture!

I hope you have enjoyed my week of Halloween related posts.



  1. I love the decorations - the little witches hats are adorable! Xx


  2. I love the foody bits especially the orange pumpkins and the marshmallow ghost things!

  3. The green cookies look really interesting! All of the food looks really yummy.


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