30 October 2013

Halloween Week - Face Paint & Make Up Ideas

So we've sorted pumpkin designs and Halloween nail art, now its time to get creative with face paint and make-up to top off those scary Halloween costumes! Yet again I've enlisted the help of my trusty friend Pinterest to search for some amazing design ideas. If you would like to see more Halloween ideas, check out my Pinterest board here.

Much like the nail art, these are way out of my artistic league but I would definitely be tempted to give them a go if I was dressing up this year! I wanted to show you some designs that were a little more inventive than just smearing a load of white face paint and fake blood on your face! Although I have to admit that is definitely the option I've taken on more than one occasion! 

What do you think of these ideas? Have you created any Halloween looks this year? If so leave me a link in the comments or tweet me your pictures! I would love to see how creative you have all been!


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