7 October 2013

Crochet: Granny Squares

Earlier in the year, my mum went to a learn how to crochet class and insisted that she taught me. I picked up the basics pretty quickly and am now the one teaching her! I still only understand the basics but it's enough to make these cute little Granny Squares.

I learnt how to make these from a blog called Do You Mind If I Knit - this link will take you to the Granny Squares tutorial! Vanessa who writes the blog explains how to crochet so well and her instructions are all really easy to follow! 

I'm hoping that one day I'll have made enough of these squares to make a blanket but I think I may be here for a while! Although I love that all you need is a ball of wool and one little crochet needle, making this a very transportable hobby! I definitely feel like a little old lady rather than a 21 year old but it's actually really fun! Once I've mastered this pattern, I'll have to get searching for some others.

Can you crochet? Or do you know any good sites for tutorials on other granny square patterns?



  1. i love this! I love crochet! I used to do it when i was bored as it passes the time really well... maybe i should take it back up, i can only make squares tho... :(


    1. Yes definitely take it back up! The only way you are going to learn to do more is by continuing with it :) X


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