14 September 2013

Top Tips: University

Having just graduated from university, it feels strange not to be packing my bags and heading back there this weekend. I had an amazing 3 years and wanted to give those of you starting this year some tips. These are just my opinion and are in no particular order!

1. Keep an open mind - not everyone will be like you or think like you but don't dismiss them, get to know people you might not necessarily think you would get on with - you may be pleasantly surprised!

2. Join a club e.g. sports, interest - this is a great way to get to know people, one of the best things I did in my first year was to join a sports club! I was so nervous going to the first social but I met some amazing friends for life. 

3. Make your room homely - whether you have a room in halls or in a house, make sure you add some homely touches to your room as this can make being away from home easier if you get homesick. It's also better than staring at the boring decor of student accommodation!

4. Keep on top of work - this is a boring one but it's worth it! If you use your free time wisely, then you'll be able to go on all the social events you want and not be panicking about getting that piece of coursework in!

5. Enjoy yourself as much as you can in first year - at most uni's, your first year grades don't count so this is the year to go wild and get it out your system!

6. Look after yourself - this might seem obvious, but so many first years get run down from drinking too much, not eating well enough and not getting much sleep! 

7. Manage your money - it can be really easy to spend money like theres no tomorrow, especially when you have to budget for rent, bills, food and your social life! Try and set yourself a budget - it'll be worth it in the end when your not in as much debt as you could have been!

8. Stick at it - you will have ups and downs but don't give up when the going gets tough! It's a big change to your life so there are bound to be hurdles to overcome but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

9. Make the most of the services offered to you - universities offer careers advice, doctors, counselling, jobs and many more so make the most of these while you are there. Don't forget you can always go to your lecturers too if you need help or have any questions!

10. ENJOY! - Enjoy it while you can because it will go so fast! It seems like yesterday I moved into my first year house - not 3 years ago!

I hope this helps some of you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or comment below!



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