28 September 2013

MRP Apparel

MRP was recently introduced to me by etailPR. They are a fashion retailer in South Africa and are the equivalent to Primark in the UK! However the best bit is that their prices are even cheaper! If you want to find out more head to etailPR's blog post or the MRP website

I've already made a MRP wish list, which I will share with you guys soon. But for the time being, you can win a years supply of clothing! All you have to do is click on the image below or in my sidebar over there >>> and enter!


Have you heard of MRP before? What are your favourite items from their website?



  1. The sizes are ridiculously small. The size large is smaller than my sisters size small tops. The quality is not great at all either. You are getting what you pay for ;)

    1. I've never actually ordered anything from them but thats useful to know! X


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