19 August 2013

My Little Getaway

Every summer we visit my Granny for a few days. She lives just outside Bournemouth on the south coast of England. As we've had some amazing weather this summer, I was really looking forward to spending some time on the beach, however it decided to rain every day! This meant my photo opportunities were few and far between!

It did brighten up late one afternoon so we grabbed the chance to head to the beach for an ice cream! Here are a few pics I took as well as one of my favourite restaurant that we always make a trip to!

Left: First Ice Cream - I had Toffee Crunch and my dad had Raspberry Ripple 
Right: Second Ice Cream (the next day!) - Mint Choc Chip (my dad and gran also had ice cream but ate too fast for me to snap them!)

 My dog Fred 

 Me & Fred

Pinocchio's Restaurant

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the few snaps I managed on my little getaway! Where have you been on holiday this summer? Or have you had any little weekend getaways?



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