31 August 2013

Review: Collection Nail Polish Lasting Gel Colour - Pearl Shimmer

I'm not usually one for wearing nude coloured nail varnish but having recently started a new job, I decided to tone down the colours I wear. My mum bought this shimmery pearl shade earlier in the year to wear to a wedding but as she doesn't wear it very often, she gave it to me! 

I love the colour and its really subtle so you can't tell where its chipped unless you look closely, which is perfect for not looking messy for work. I've reapplied this a few times now and as it has a wide brush, it's really easy to apply. And, as it's a gel nail varnish, the finish is smooth, soft and long-lasting. 

It's currently on offer in Superdrug for £2.50 and they do some lovely nudes and pinks in the range, so I think I may have to invest in a couple more! 

Have you tried any of the Collection nail varnishes? Which are your favourites?


29 August 2013


Last night, I went to the theatre to see Cabaret starring Will Young. As soon as my mum found out Will was in it, the tickets were booked as both of us love him and we just couldn't resist!

I wasn't really sure of the story behind it until I looked it up just before the show. If you want to know what it's about then you can find out HERE. But regardless of the story, the show was AMAZING! We both loved every minute of it - especially seeing Will's naked bum (along with a few others)!

I would definitely recommend going to see Cabaret whilst it's touring - you can see when and where it's on HERE. Although I have to say, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger than about 15/16 as it does get quite raunchy and features nudity in places!

Have you been to see Cabaret? Did you enjoy it? Or have you been to the theatre to see another show recently?


24 August 2013

Favourites - The Body Shop

Apologies for not posting this sooner, I started a new job this week so its been a hectic few days! I'm hoping to get back on track with posting 2-3 times a week but it might take a couple of weeks! 

Anyway, I have always loved The Body Shop and have a few favourites I thought I would share as I always repurchase these. The first is the Hemp Body Butter. Hemp seed oil is great for people with really dry skin and if you saw my Purepotions Skin Salvation post you'll know I suffer with dry skin and eczema. I love this cream because although its slightly greasy for a couple of minutes, it skins in quite quickly compared to other creams I've tried. It also smells amazing!

The second of my favourites is the Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue. I use this 2-3 times a week to rehydrate my feet and keep them soft. I use it in the evening before I go to bed and then wear socks overnight to make my feet extra soft. This has been a real life saver the last week as I am on my feet the whole day in my new job so have been using it daily. 

Another favourite of mine is the Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask. I love the jelly like feel of this mask and my skin has never felt so soft after using it! All you have to do is cover your face with the mask and leave on for 10 minutes. The majority of it sinks in but any left over can be removed with a tissue. I use this about once a week as I don't want my skin to become too oily. 

My final favourite is in the same range as the face mask and its the Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15. I love this lip balm and always leaves my lips super soft. I also use it as a base for lipstick as I find the colour lasts longer and is more even when using this first. 

I also love several of their make up products but I'll save those for another potential post! 

I hope you've enjoyed finding out about my Body Shop favourites. What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?


19 August 2013

My Little Getaway

Every summer we visit my Granny for a few days. She lives just outside Bournemouth on the south coast of England. As we've had some amazing weather this summer, I was really looking forward to spending some time on the beach, however it decided to rain every day! This meant my photo opportunities were few and far between!

It did brighten up late one afternoon so we grabbed the chance to head to the beach for an ice cream! Here are a few pics I took as well as one of my favourite restaurant that we always make a trip to!

Left: First Ice Cream - I had Toffee Crunch and my dad had Raspberry Ripple 
Right: Second Ice Cream (the next day!) - Mint Choc Chip (my dad and gran also had ice cream but ate too fast for me to snap them!)

 My dog Fred 

 Me & Fred

Pinocchio's Restaurant

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the few snaps I managed on my little getaway! Where have you been on holiday this summer? Or have you had any little weekend getaways?


16 August 2013

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Loren Nicole at Halcyon Lagoon. I've been blogging for a couple of months now and seen this post floating around the blogosphere so thanks to Loren, I can get involved too!

This is a great way to highlight new bloggers out there and get to know one another too! It works by answering the 11 questions you have been asked by who tagged you, then coming up with 11 questions of your own to then tag 11 others in to take part! 

So here are my answers to Loren's questions:

1. What is your dream career? 
Well, I've just completed my Geography degree but my dream career would probably be an Interior Designer!

2. What age do you feel your personality represents?
I think I am quite mature for my age, however as soon as my little nephews are around I can quite easily sink into kiddie mode!

3. If you had the opportunity to speak to the world, what would you say?
This probably sounds really cheesy, but I would want all the war and bad things going on in the world to stop and everyone to try and get along better! I cringe typing that but its so true - the world would be a better place! 

4. What is on the top of your wish list?
I would really love my own house/flat, however as thats a bit far-fetched at the moment I would have to go with a nice Prada or Michael Kors handbag or a Tiffany necklace to match the bracelet I have!

5. What was the last new experience that you encountered?
I think graduating from university must have been my last new experience.

6. What is the number one thing that makes you loose track of time?
It has to be blogging! I get so into planning/writing my posts that I fail to realise that an hour has gone by without me even realising!

7. What is the funniest thing you have heard this week?
It has to be the secret language my mum and her sister made up when they were younger! You have to add -ag after every consonant apart from the last. So the word 'blog' would be 'baglagog'. We tried speak in it for about 5 minutes but ended up very confused and in hysterics! I can't believe they used to hold conversations for hours!

8. How would your life change if you had all the money in the world?
Well I could buy that house at the top of my wish list for starters! It would be nice to have more money, however money doesn't buy happiness! It wouldn't change my life too much, it would just change others around me as I would give plenty to family and charity!

9. What TV show or movie would you like to live in?
I would love to live in Grease. I love the film and it would be amazing to meet Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta!

10. What inspires your creativity the most?
I think other people can be a big influence for inspiration but I also love Pinterest! Other than that a great way to get inspired is lose yourself in your own mind.

11. Would you prefer to be famous or unknown?
As much as it would be nice to be famous, I think I would only like it in the short term so definitely unknown! 

Here are my questions:

1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. What is your favourite/dream holiday destination?
3. If you have to choose between eye make up (mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow) and face make up (foundation/concealer/blusher), which would it be?
4. Brights or pastels?
5. What is your favourite perfume?
6. What is your number 1 pet hate?
7. What is your go-to lipstick?
8. What is top of your bucket list?
9. What is your favourite day of the week and why?
10. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?
11. What is your favourite brand/colour nail polish?

And my nominees are:

Emily at Freckles & Flaws
Sarah at Nars Obsessor
Mandy & Rachel at Mano Blog 123
Lydia at Earth To Lydia
Jess at Essence of Jess 
Holly at Holl JC

I couldn't quite make 11 as so many people have done this and I apologise if you have completed this and I haven't realised!


15 August 2013

Quote of the Day #1

I was having a mooch on Pinterest the other evening and came across this quote. I really liked the message behind it and thought I would share it with you. 

This post wasn't intended for today, but I think its quite well timed as AS and A Level results came out today. I hope you got what you all wanted, however if you didn't I can assure you it's not the end of the world! You wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the journey you have taken. 

I received my A Level results 3 years ago and still remember it clearly! I had applied to do Geography at University and on results day did not get my first choice uni, missing out by 1 grade, which was only a couple of marks away from the grade I needed. I was upset but also very grateful for getting my second choice university. And now I have finished university and graduated, this quote means so much. I graduated with a good grade, but for me its the experience I had and the journey through university. Who knows what my university experience would have been like if I had gone to my first choice university!

Whether you want to go to university or not, or have been through university or not, I think everyone can relate to this quote in some way. Just remember, if the outcome was not as you expected whether for better or worse, you've still had the experience and that journey will shape your life in one way or another!


12 August 2013

MUA Nail Constellation

In my recent MUA Haul post, I mentioned that I had bought the Nail Constellation in Pisces to try (see post HERE). I wasn't sure how much success I would have but said I would blog about it once I had tried. I had a spare half hour this afternoon so gave it a go! They were actually more successful than I thought they would be.

 You have to apply a coat of nail polish - any colour will do but works best with something similar to the colour of the balls (teal blue, baby pink and silver) and then shake the tube several times so the balls cover the nail. Press the balls down gently and once positioned, secure with a clear top coat. 

I used Maybelline's Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in Mint For Life as my base colour as its fairly pale and I didn't want anything too bold. Here's how they turned out...

Considering I didn't spend much time perfecting some of the little empty gaps, I am really pleased with the outcome. I am not sure how long they will last as a few bits have already dropped off within a couple of hours. I wouldn't use this nail art for my daily nails, however they would be great for a night out or a special occasion. 

A word of warning though - if you are going to try this out, tip the balls out onto your nail over a tray or bowl as they go everywhere! You can see how many I collected just by doing one hand! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how successful these were! Have you tried them? Was it successful? 


11 August 2013

Mini Clothes Haul

I couldn't decide what to call this post as all the clothes are patterned skirts or trousers that I have purchased and wanted to share but 'patterned bottoms' didn't sound like a suitable title! So here is my mini clothes haul...

I popped into Primark the other day while I was visiting Portsmouth as it is much nicer than the one in my home town. I picked up 2 patterned maxi skirts and I love them. The first one I saw was the one I am wearing above which is a thin, stretchy material with a white, black and royal blue aztec print. This was a great buy for £8!

The second skirt I bought was this one, which is slightly thicker and cost £10. This looks great paired with any coloured plain top and some sandals. I think this might make an appearance in my winter wardrobe too as you could easily wear some tights or leggings underneath and pair with ankle boots instead of sandals.

I also purchased a bag from Primark and although it's not clothes, it is too nice not to share! I absolutely love anything burgundy coloured and this bag caught my eye from a mile off. I also really like the detailing around the edge of the front flap. It was £8. Although you can't tell from the photos, this bag is actually quite deep so great if you want to carry less than a in normal handbag but still spacious enough for extra things like a bottle of water.

The other items I bought have been from Uniqlo. Although Uniqlo has been around in the UK for a number of years, many people I talk to have either never heard of it or have heard of it but have never been in. I find this mad as I love Uniqlo! They are my go-to shop for buying cardigans as the quality is great, they are a good price and they last well without looking faded and old. 

However this time, I managed to refrain from buying cardigans and found some trousers to spend my money on instead! The first pair I bought were these flowery baggy loungepants. These look great paired with a plain top which can be worn loose or tucked in.  Although these were in their 'loungepants' section, you could definitely wear them out as they aren't pj material. They would also be great for anyone looking to go travelling. They cost £12.90 and you can buy them HERE - they also have a range of patterns and other colours too!

The other bottoms I bought were also in the loungepants section, but this time I do not intend to wear them out! They are spotty lounge bottoms with cuffed ankles. These are so comfy to wear around the house and I have lived in these since I bought them. I originally bought the navy spotty ones and loved them so much I went back and bought them in grey spotty too! They cost £9.90, which is a great price and you can buy them HERE along with other plain colours too!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what 'patterned bottoms' I've bought recently. I know there are many patterned and printed items out there that I am also very tempted by. Have you bought any patterned/printed items recently? 


9 August 2013

MUA Haul

Everyone seems to be going MUA mad recently and as they currently have a huge sale on, I thought I would invest in a few more products to add to my collection. And here they are...

 I had already seen this Eyeshadow Trio in Pink Sorbet in Superdrug but was in a rush and didn't have time to stop and buy it so this was first on the list. I'm pleased I waited too, as in store I would have paid the original price of £2.50 but online I got it for £1.25 - absolute bargain! 

I love the colours of this trio and can't wait to try it out.

Secret Gel Eyeliner - 24/7 Style

 This gel eyeliner then caught my eye. I was actually looking for a black/dark brown gel eyeliner and on the website this looked solid black. It was only when it arrived that I realised it was glittery and had a dark green shimmer to it! But as I already have a black gel eyeliner from a different brand I thought this was actually quite fun! This was a great saving too, costing £1.50 instead of £6!

Top: Maxi-Moisture Lipstick in How Do I Look?
Bottom: Power Pout in Broken Hearted

Moving onto lips, I got one of their Maxi-Moisture Lipsticks and one of the Power Pout Lip Crayons (dupe of the Clinique Chubby Stick). I purchased the lipstick in 'How Do I Look?' and the crayon in 'Broken Hearted'. Although these look similar in colour, once on the lip, the Power Pout crayon is actually quite a hot pink. The lipstick should have been £7 but I got it for £1.50 (BARGAIN!!) and the crayon wasn't in the sale but was only £3.

I have only worn this a couple of times as I wore it yesterday after it arrived but have already fallen in love with it and want to buy all the other colours too! One of the best things about it is that it smells really minty and so makes your lips tingle when first applied.

I also bought the F3 Concealer Brush as although I have quite a few make-up brushes, I don't have a specific concealer one so thought I would give this one a go. It was £1.95.

I have never tried Make Up Fixing Spray and as this one was only £5, I thought I would try it out and see what I think. I will probably review this in a few weeks once I have tried it out for a while!

Nail Constellation - Pisces

I am not sure how much success I am going to have with this nail art, but I thought I would give it a try. I love the colour of these, which is why I chose Pisces even though its not my star sign! According to the little instruction booklet you sprinkle these over wet nails and then press them in. Once dry cover with a top coat and ta-da! These were £1.50 reduced from £3. If these are successful I will definitely blog about them!

Finally, I bought the Britain's Next Top Model Palette. It was £12 but reduced to £7 at the moment so I couldn't resist. I think its an amazing price for what you get and cant wait to try it out. There are some colours I wouldn't wear (e.g. turquoise!) but plenty I will be trying. And the bronzer, blusher and highlighter will definitely be used!

I haven't swatched any of this palette as it would have taken a while but if you would like to see swatches let me know and I will do a separate blog post!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I bought. Have you purchased anything from MUA recently? What is your favourite product?