1 July 2013

Summer Cocktail Making

There is nothing better than sipping on some Pimms or a cocktail in the summer sun - when we have some! As we've had some lovely weather the past couple of days, I decided to test out my cocktail making skills. 

I love the Bombay Breeze cocktail that they do at Slug & Lettuce (an English pub/bar) and so decided to try and recreate this at home. As it was so easy to make and so tasty, I thought I would share it with you, so you can give it a go too!

You will need: 
 2 shots of Bombay Sapphire Gin (other gin can be used)
 2 shots of strawberry puree/blended strawberries
★ 1 shot of lime juice/cordial
★ lemonade

To make:
 Add in 2 shots of Gin, 2 shots of strawberry puree/blended strawberries and 1 shot of lime juice to a cocktail shaker and shake well
★ Pour into a glass with ice
★ Top up with lemonade 

I hope you enjoy making this and relaxing in the sun.


Please only make this you are of legal drinking age, if not swap the gin for fruit juice or increase strawberry puree quantity. 

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