11 July 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I wouldn't say I am the Number 1 fan but I have to admit I do love a good bit of Harry Potter. So when the Warner Brothers Studio Tour opened last year I knew I had to go and see the wonders of the wizarding world! I have finally gone and here are a few of my favourite pics...

Arriving at the Tour

Some Gryffindor outfits in the Great Hall

Outfits of Harry wearing the Invisibility Cloak, Hermione & Ron

Dumbledore's Office & Hagrid's Hut

The Potions Classroom

The Weasley's Kitchen in The Burrow

Butterbeer Barrel

We decided that we had to try Butterbeer while we were there but having heard it wasn't the nicest of drinks only bought 1 between the 3 of us. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but was very sickly and sweet!  

Character Masks

The room with all these masks in absolutely fascinated me as although they are slightly creepy, the work and detail that has gone into them is amazing!

Olivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley


White Card Model of Hogwarts Castle

 Model of Hogwarts - used for many exterior shots in the films!

I absolutely love these models of Hogwarts, the detail in both is amazing!

 I took over 200 photos in total and choosing my favourites was very hard! I haven't edited any of these photos so you can everything in the lighting I saw it all in to get more of a feel for the look they were going for. If you want to see the rest of my photos click HERE.

Have you been to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour on The Making of Harry Potter? If so, which part was your favourite?



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