26 July 2013

Cake Club #1

My mum's friends set up a cake club just over a year ago and meet every couple of months. They decide on a theme and everyone must bring a cake that fits in with this. Recently I have joined them, as who can turn down an evening filled with cake, tea and a bundle of laughs!

Some of the themes have included apple, carrot, meringue, toffee, macarons and brownies. The theme this time was beetroot or courgette (or zucchini to those of you in the US). This was a bit of a wacky one, with many beetroot cakes including chocolate and courgette frequently paired with lime. However everyone turned up with completely different cakes, which was amazing.

I decided to make a carrot, courgette and orange cake. I found the recipe on BBC Good Food and although I was apprehensive about making a cake with courgette in, it was actually really tasty! 

The ingredients included butter, caster sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, bicarbonate of soda, orange zest, mixed spice, grated carrots and grated courgette. To see the full recipe click HERE

Although the recipe states to use one half and ice the top, as you can see I put the two cakes together and put orange buttercream icing in the middle. On top I lightly dusted the cake with icing sugar and a small amount of orange zest.

Cake Ingredients

 Before & After 


All the other cakes were amazing too - here are a selection of them!

Beetroot & Seed

Sticky Chocolate & Courgette

Courgette & Lime

Another Carrot, Courgette & Orange - But Very Different!

I hope you have enjoyed a virtual slice of cake club!

Have you made any cakes with some wacky ingredients? If so, what were they?



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