26 June 2013

Favourites - Rimmel Lipsticks

My all time favourite lipsticks at the moment have to be the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks. I could easily buy every single colour in the range and for £6.29 they are not a bad price. 

I currently have 3 favourites and these are:
 110 - Rose Sorbet 
160 - Rose Passion
260 - Amethyst Shimmer

I love these lipsticks as they are really light and moisturising so keep your lips feeling soft, even after you have taken them off. However even though they feel light, they are incredibly long lasting and I find myself only reapplying them once, maybe twice, a day. 

From left-right/top-bottom: Rose Sorbet, Rose Passion & Amethyst Shimmer

Rose Sorbet is a pastel pinky/peach colour, which is quite shimmery and tends to be my everyday go-to colour. If I am wearing something that Rose Sorbet 
doesn't go with, or I fancy a change, then I use Amethyst Shimmer. It looks a slightly darker pinky/purple in the stick than on, where it has a more pinky tone. Rose Passion is the colour I use the least, as although I love it, it is a very bold colour and is used more when going out in the evening. It is also slightly less shimmery than the others. I am a great fan of red lipstick, however I feel it is too bold for me as I have very fair skin, which is why the Rose Passion is a great substitute as it has a slightly softer tone.

 So what is your favourite lipstick at the moment and in what shade?



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